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Money Market

A money market account is an interest-bearing account that typically pays a higher interest rate on higher account balances and which provides the account holder with limited check-writing ability, offering the account holder the benefits of both savings and checking accounts.


  • - On a money market account (MMK), under the terms of the deposit contract:
  • - The depositor is allowed to make monthly no more than six (6) withdrawals, transfers, checks, drafts, debit cards or similar monetary instruments of which may be a combination payable to third parties.
  • - A fee for each additional debit after the (6) debits allowed will be charged.( See common fees brochure)
  • - After the third month violation of this rule the MMK account will be transferred to a checking account.


  • - Transactions and inquiries through the webpage using personal password.
  • - You might check your account balance, make transfers and print your bank statement.
  • - It generates yields monthly when you make less than six cash withdrawals.
  • - Your Money is available through your checkbook.
  • - You can obtain bank references of your products in the United States.
  • - Debit card associated to your product.
Deposits are not insured by the FDIC
(Federal Deposits Insurance Corporation)