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Davivienda International MasterCard Debit Card

Tool to handle funds in Demand Deposit Accounts through ATMs or points of sale worldwide. *Access to your account through the MasterCard franchise.

* Security: The new Davivienda International Miami CHIP debit cards delivers more security in your transactions.

For questions regarding the MasterCard Debit Card, you may contact or visit the Miami office during business hours from Monday to Friday.

Contact phone numbers:

Activations / Loss and Theft:

1-800-528-2273 / 1-866-664-9364 (FREE in USA)

1-812-647-9794 (outside the USA)

327-7707 (Bogota, Colombia) or 01-800-096-6601 (Others cities - Colombia)

Customer Services:

1-877-7890114 - (Collect call at 1-786-4374012)

Password change:

1-877-2676914 or 513-5342074

Deposits are not insured by the FDIC
(Federal Deposits Insurance Corporation)
* Restrictions may be placed on certain countries by the U.S Treasury Department.
Important Information about chip cards