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Davivienda International MasterCard Credit Card

Enjoy the new Platinum credit cards that Davivienda International in Miami has for you:

* The new Davivienda International Miami CHIP credit cards delivers more security in your transactions.

* You may pay your credit card in dollars through automatic debit transactions from your accounts with Davivienda International Miami.

* You may withdrawal cash up to 100% of your available funds in our ATMs and MasterCard affiliates.

* You may review your daily account activity through our online banking

* Purchases are available in any currency.

Rewards Program


The following regulation contains the characteristics of the rewards program of Davivienda Miami, which contains the rights and responsibilities in the credit card rewards program. This does not override the regulations governing the relationship with the Bank’s customers.


1. The program rewards the Davivienda credit card holders’ rewards, granting points to customers on the purchases made with the card. The program will periodically transfer the points accumulated to a reward program that the customer has with Davivienda Colombia (Restrictions apply to: Tarjeta de Crédito Empresarial, Visa Avianca credit card and Portafolio debit cards) See rewards program regulation in Colombia WWW.DAVIVIENDA.COM (include relevant link to Davivienda Colombia webpage)

2. Davivienda Colombia periodically informs to their customers the type of cards eligible to participate the rewards program.


The validity of the rewards program is indenite. Nonetheless, Davivienda Colombia may decide to end the program and will notify card holders through the Davivienda Colombia web page or through any other means of communication that is considered appropriate for this purpose. In this event, the rewards program will be considered ended after (15) fteen business days from the date of the publication.


The Davivienda Miami credit card holders will enjoy privileges and benets oered by the reward program under the following terms:


Point accumulation will be as follows:

a. For each (1) dollar spent on purchases with Davivienda Miami MasterCard credit card, the card holders will accumulate one (1) point.

Points will be granted on the purchase of goods and services except the following:

  • Gas stations
  • Tax payments
  • Postal services
  • Payments to government agencies or entities

To inquire the balance of points accumulated and transferred to the reward program in Davivienda Colombia, refer to Online Banking,


On a monthly basis, Davivienda Miami will transfer the points accumulated for all qualifying purchases during the month and will add them to the reward program identied in Davivienda Colombia.


Points will be redeemed according to the previously established agreement in the reward program in Colombia. See regulations on rewards program Colombia.

Rewards Program Terms and conditions

See below the contact information:

Theft or loss:

1-800-981-7028 (USA and Canada) or 787-773-5325 (International)

01-800-710-1511 (Colombia), 24 hours a day, 7 days a week)


1-800-981-7025, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Customer Service:

1-800-622-7747 (MasterCard - USA), 1-877-789-0114 (USA and Canada) or 1-786-437-4012, Monday to Friday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Miami

Davivienda International does business in accordance with Federal Fair Lending Laws