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Dollar Interest bearing checking account

With an interest bearing checking account in dollars we will pay you interest in the money in your account, much like it pays interest on a savings account. However, you can also write checks or use debit cards with the account, making it very easy to access your money as needs for bills, purchases, house payments, process payments to international suppliers and receive proceeds from the sales of goods and services from international clients. The rates paid on interest-bearing checking accounts generally vary widely but our rates are settle by the Bank according and competitive to the market.


  • - Checks payable through the United States clearing house.
  • - Funds are available without any regulatory restrictions.
  • - Monthly statements.
  • - Pay Interest monthly on the net balance according to Bank’s rates approved by the Alco committee.
  • - The account minimum balance required is US$ 25,000.00 ( charge of $35.00 will apply if balance falls below minimum)
  • - The minimum balance of US$125,000.00 is required to receive interest payment in the account.


  • - Checks with broad acceptance.
  • - Account will earn a interest rate that is among the most competitive rates available in the Country.
  • - Immediately availability of funds.
  • - Easy management of international operations with checks, debit cards, cash and wire transfer payments in the US and abroad
  • - Information managed under strict confidentiality and in compliance with United States and State of Florida banking regulations and Bank’s policy.
  • - Easy online banking access to manage the products and services offered by the Bank.
  • - Davivienda International is a member of the Federal Reserve Bank Fedwire payments system which ensures reliability and security.
Deposits are not insured by the FDIC
(Federal Deposits Insurance Corporation)
*Restrictions may be placed on certain countries by the US Treasury Department.