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Dollar Demand Deposit Account

US dollar denominated accounts to manage business liquidity, process payments to international suppliers and receive proceeds from the sales of goods and services from international clients.


  • - Checks payable through the United States clearing system.
  • - Monthly statement.
  • - Transactions and inquiries through the webpage using personal password.
  • - No interest earning.


  • - Checks with wide acceptance.
  • - Easy management of international operations with checks, transfers, and cash.
  • - Wire payments in the United States and abroad. *
  • - Fund availability at any time.
  • - Information managed under strict confidentiality in adherence to the United States and State of Florida banking regulations and bank’s policies.
  • - Davivienda International Miami, a member of the Federal Reserve Bank Fedwire payments system, ensures reliability and security.
  • - Easy and effective online access to all products and services.
Deposits are not insured by the FDIC
(Federal Deposits Insurance Corporation)
* Restrictions may be placed on certain countries by the U.S Treasury Department.